• Name: Irene Fleischman
  • Experience: 10 Years
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Irene Fleischman – Coach Irene

Women’s Varsity



Vice President – Parsons Inc. supporting Missile Defense Agency in the area of Battle Management, Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (BMC4I)

College: University of Alabama – Huntsville

Coaching: 4 years – UAH Crew Team

Rowing (competitively): 6 years

Rowing Bio: University of Alabama-Huntsville Crew

Began rowing in 1982 as a novice at UAH – like most UAH rowers, I was selected out of the registration line (because I was “the right height and athletic looking”). Rowed on the Varsity Women’s 8+; 4+ and 2- crews until a severe back injury finally derailed me in 1988. Most notable and favorite part of my college rowing was being undefeated when rowing with my sister, Annie, in the W2- (SIRA Champions 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987). And now I should note – never flipped a pair in a race.

Coaching Bio: UAH – Student Coach and Administrative

Studied under UAH Head Coach Chuck Eadon on rowing techniques, rigging and boat maintenance and team organization. Following my back injury – and while working toward graduation from UAH in Electrical Engineering – I served as a Student Rowing Coach for 2 years. Following graduation and my sister Annie taking over the UAH Head Coaching position, I served her for 2-3 years as the ‘connection’ to the UAH Athletic Department. Following a long disconnect from this great sport – Coach Coy randomly selected Irene Thorpe (my Niece) from a group of kids at Grissom during a recruiting trip – and the rest is history!!! I’m sure he did NOT know what he was getting himself into with that ‘random selection’ – but I’m certain that the divine intervention that brought me back to the sport I truly love was clearly planned. Over the past 5 year of coaching youth rowers – I now understand what an impact the sport of Rowing had on my ability to gain an advanced education; my daily work ethic; and my life-long friendships. If I can pass just a little of that insight and passion on to our Huntsville youth – my purpose will be complete.

Rowing philosophy:

Row Fast, Die Last!!! Rowing is a way of life – It’s about every single day being a new day, and each time you wake up, you look at the sky you’ve got as a gift!! The day is here – What are you going to do with it? (The Talent Code)


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