Huntsville-Madison County Rowing & Watersports, LLC.

Our SafeSport Policy

It shall be the policy of USRowing that each member organization adopts an athlete safety program by December 31, 2014. In the case of organizations that are representative of a formal parent organization such as a university of school, then the policy in place and required by that entity may be used, providing it addresses the minimum components. The policy shall apply to (1) member organization employees; (2) athletes the member organization designates for participation in any USRowing registered or branded event; and (3) individuals the member organization formally authorizes, approves or appoints to (a) a position of authority over, or (b) to have frequent contact with athletes.

By implementing an athlete safety program, member organizations of USRowing shall be guided by the principle that supporting health and safety of its athletes is a key element of its managerial capabilities.


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